We strive to create a distraction-free environment for all of our guests and we record our services for On-Demand access. Because a crying or noisy child can negatively impact the worship experience for hundreds of people, we encourage parents of children 5th grade and younger to place them into their age-appropriate environments for church.

If you choose to keep your child with you in adult church please consider choosing a seat that is convenient to the exits. If your child should become fussy or loud then you can easily slip out with them to the Family Room. Our Family Room is thoughtfully designed for your convenience and includes comfortable seating, live stream of the service on multiple high definition televisions, age-appropriate toys and multiple, fully stocked changing areas. There is also a private nursing and changing room with comfortable glider chairs and a television.  

Thank you for helping us to create the best possible worship experience for all of our guests!

If you have a child that is in need of ASL interpreting, we ask that you contact the church six days prior to the service you will be attending to inform us of your need.  We will make every attempt possible to schedule an interpreter to be available for that service.  If we are unable to schedule an interpreter, the family will be notified at least 24 hours prior to service.  If we do not have an interpreter for a service, we will be unable to accept your child into our care for that service.