Baby dedication is a public declaration before God, your church and your family of your commitment as a parent to lead and spiritually nurture your child in such a way that he or she will grow to love God and serve Him and others. Dedications take place at our Pittsburgh East Campus on the second Sunday of each month during the service.

This event is not infant baptism. We believe that when someone is old enough to understand what it means to put their faith and trust in Jesus as their personal Savior that they should make that choice for themselves. An infant is not able to understand sin, forgiveness, Christ's sacrifice on the cross for us or what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus. Therefore, baby dedication is about your commitment as a parent to do everything possible to help lead your child into a knowledge of God and a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

You are not required to be an official member of Amplify to have your child dedicated. However, we encourage you to be sure that your beliefs line up with those of our church so that you can be all-in with your commitment to partner with us as we strive to create every possible opportunity to help introduce your child to their loving Creator!

*Please note that if your child is over 2 years old, the dedication will take place in a private family ceremony in our Upstreet Clubhouse Theater after church.


  • We ask that you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • We ask that you be regular attenders or members of Amplify Church.
  • We ask that you are sure that your beliefs line up with those of our church.

baby dedications are scheduled using online registration


Please call the church office at 412.793.1600 if you do not with to register online.