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The word "Amplify" is a fascinating word that means to grow, to extend, to expand and to magnify. The truth is that we all amplify something through our lives. This series focuses on how we can amplify God's love by growing in His character, extending His invitation, expanding His kingdom, and magnifying His name.

"He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less." -John 3:30 NLT

Week 1- Amplify Jesus
Lee Kricher
August 4, 2013

Week 2- Develop His Character
Jason and AJ Howard
August 11, 2013

Week 3- Extend His Message
Lee Kricher
August 18, 2013

Week 4- Expand His Kingdom
Lee Kricher
August 25, 2013

Week 5- Magnify His Name
Lee Kricher
September 1, 2013